Orange Revolution

The Filmmakers

Steve York

Steve York (producer/director) began tracking Ukraine’s presidential campaign in the summer of 2004.  By Thanksgiving, as hundreds of thousands of citizens were gathering in Ukraine’s capital to protest the stolen election, news of their determined but peaceful demonstrations had exploded on to airwaves around the world.  Days later, York boarded a flight to Kyiv with a small digital camera and headed straight to the tent city in Independence Square, known as the Maidan, to begin filming.  In all, York made 5 trips to Ukraine, interviewing many of the major players in the revolution, from students on the street to the man who would become president, Viktor Yushchenko. 

Orange Revolution is York’s second feature documentary.  His first, A Force More Powerful (1999) about successful nonviolent revolutions was expanded into a three-hour television series for air on PBS. Nominated for an Emmy, the series has been translated into numerous languages, including Arabic, Burmese, Indonesian, Farsi, Mandarin and Russian and Spanish and broadcast around the world. York has been producing award-winning documentaries for television since the 1980s.  Topics range from Islamic fundamentalism to the Vietnam Memorial to American advertising. His recent documentary, Bringing Down A Dictator, was awarded the prestigious George Foster Peabody award.  His company, York Zimmerman Inc, is based in Washington, D.C.

Joe Wiedenmayer

Joe Wiedenmayer (editor) screened more than 300 hours of material – both original and archival – as he and producer/director Steve York wove together the inside story of the Orange Revolution.  From the beginning, their goal was to let the story tell itself: no narration, just the words, the music, and the pictures of the unprecedented events which unfolded in Ukraine in late 2004.  Wiedenmayer has made his mark as a strong collaborator with a wide range of filmmakers from Charles Guggenheim to George Stevens to George Lucas.  His previous collaborations with York include A Force More Powerful, Bringing Down A Dictator, This Honorable Court, and Remembering the Bomb.  A former guitar player himself, Wiedenmayer has cut numerous films about the music world and its luminaries, including pieces on Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder.